Depending on which type of Sensing Module you connect to the Active-2 Sensor Kit electronics, this sophisticated sensor system can be used to measure: Torque Forces, Bending Forces (in X or in Y direction) and Axial Load forces from ANY Ferro-Magnetic steel.

The main purpose of the Active-2 Sensor Kit is to have a highly flexible Torque Measurement System at hand to take comprehensive Torque Measurements on different applications or where different shaft materials are to be tested.

The Sensor Kit can be reused on various Ferro-Magnetic objects as often as you like. The Sensor Kit can be ordered with an USB interface and the included Windows PC Dashboard software.

The “Active-2” Torque Sensing Module can be applied to ANY shaft diameter, starting from 2 mm diameter upwards and is a true non-contact measurement solution. There is no upper limit to the shaft Diameter.


Key Features and Programmable Parameters:

  • Takes real-time measurements
  • Displays forces and other measurements simultaneously
  • Enforces the default setup (user panic button)
  • Enforces system initialisation (optimizing all sensor setups)
  • Defines sensing depth (operating frequency)
  • Sets field generator amplification
  • Receiver sensitivity
  • Receiver filter settings
  • Sensor system calibration (implemented by end of 2013)
  • Analogue output force torque signal: force or other measurements
  • Displays the installed software version
  • Sets measurement units (Newton, Newton Meter, …)
  • Saves and restores individual sensor system settings
  • Displays all used setting values