What is ferromagnetic and what is not?

At the Sensor And Test Exhibition the sensor manufacturer Torque And More (TAM) has introduced a battery powered hand-held tool: The Ferro Detector.

TAM has developed a metal-alloy analyser that can determine if a shaft material is suitable for magnetic principle Torque Sensors. The Ferro Detector is small and easy to use.

The Non-Contact Torque Sensors from TAM (Active-2 and Active-3 technologies) are suitable for any Ferro-magnetic material and can measure the Torque and Bending forces from any shaft size. The Ferro Detector from TAM determines within seconds what “is” and what “is not” ferromagnetic. The hand held tool proves to be very useful when dealing with an application where an Active Sensor is retrofitted, or when checking the stock of raw materials before tooling the Test-Object.

Once the activation button is pressed, the Ferro Detector initialises and is readily available to analyse the test materials. While keeping the activation button pushed down, the Ferro Detector is then gently pressed against the Test-Object and within a split second a multi coloured LED reports “suitable”, “not suitable”, and “critical”. Letting-go of the activation button turns off the tool.

This is a nonabrasive and completely neutral solution to get an answer to an important question that may otherwise take a much longer time or may accidentally permanently magnetise the Test-Object.

The Ferro-Detector is part of the TAM flagship A3-P Standard Torque Sensor Kit and can also be purchased separately.“

Ferro Detector Instruction Video