A3-LK “Kelvin”: Torque Sensor

Ultra-Low Offset Drift  –   Non-Contact   –   Sensor System

  • Low overall temperature drift of < +/- 0.02% per deg C (*)
  • Measuring Torque, Bending and Axial Load Forces
  • Will work on Ferro-magnetic object (shaft, beam, flat objects)
  • Can be used on any shaft size from 8 mm diameter upwards
  • Very low signal noise
  • Air-gap up to 3 mm; optimal air-gap range is: 0.5 to 1 mm
  • Operating Temperature range: +10 °C to + 70 °C
  • User adjustable zero-offset and signal gain settings (5 gain settings)
  • Output Signal update rate: 150 samples per second
  • 0 to +5 Volt analog output signal
  • Wide single DC voltage supply range: + 9 Volt to +24 Volt

Order now: Available from August 2018

  • Preliminary Specifications: May be changed or optimised before first delivery date
  • * SF10 = Safety Factor 10, which is one-tenth of the stress of the materials yield point

The A3-LK Sensor Kit is an introduction level and complete Torque Sensor System that allows to measure Torque and Bending forces from Ferro magnetic objects. This newest Sensor Kit includes the differential processing “KAMI” module. The patent pending “KAMI” signal processing technology from TAM is a milestone achievement: increased temperature stability for non-contact, magnetic principle-based Torque – Bending – Axial Load Sensors. The Sensing Module is placed nearest to the location where Torque measurements have to be taken from. Measurements can be taken immediately after powering-up the Sensor Kit.

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