The Active-3-M (Multi-Function) Sensor System is a
high-performance measurement kit that can be used over an extended operating temperature range.

Very low signal drift, comprehensive hysteresis compensation, CAN interface and built-in datalogger are some of the market leading features for this Non-Contact Torque Sensor.

Active-3 Multi-Function (A3-M) Sensor Kit:

  • Capable of measuring bidirectional Torque, Bending, and Axial Load
  • Can be used on any object that has Ferro-magnetic properties
    (drive shaft, drilling shaft, transmission shaft, bolt, beam, sheets….)
  • Can be used on static and rotating objects
    (no speed limits)
  • Any shaft diameter from 8 mm upwards to unlimited size
  • Air-gap between Sensing Module and Test-Object can be 0.5 mm to 3 mm
  • Recommended operating temperature range is -20 deg C to +80 deg C
  • Adjustable sampling rate of up to 1000 measurements per second
  • Built-in MSD card data logger with self-powered time stamp
  • Built-in CAN interface
  • Standard analog output signal interface (zero to +5 Volt, @ 50 Ohm)
  • USB interface and PC computer dashboard software included
  • DC power supply range +9 Volt to +32 Volt (AC Mains power supply module included)
  • Detailed user manual in English language

The A3-M Sensor Kit comes in a high quality and customised carrying case (see picture below)

New and Additional Features:

  • Increased output signal stability over a wide operating temperature range (low offset drift)
  • Measurement hysteresis caused by choice of shaft material can be substantially reduced
  • Bootloader capability (optional) allows the user to update internal firmware
  • User definable, standard and custom communication interfaces (Analog, CAN, USB, I2C, SPI, …)
  • Self-powered RTC (Real Time Clock) to support automated data logger functions
  • Built-in USB isolator for low measurement noise
  • Sophisticated and rechargeable battery powered Permeability Detector (measurement device to support material analysis) with digital readout is included

Sensor System Description:

The A3-M Sensor Kit includes all components and modules required to take mechanical force measurements immediately after the installation at the targeted measurement object (shaft, beam, tube or sheet with Ferro-magnetic properties).

The universal standard Sensing Module (Type-4, A3-Mini) is supplied with a 2-meter interface cable and will be connected to the Sensor Electronic. The Sensing Module will be placed nearest to the Test-Object where Torque or Bending force measurements will be taken from (maximal airgap is around 3 mm, optimal airgap is around 0.5 mm to 1 mm).

The output signal of the Sensor Electronic will change proportionally to the applied mechanical forces (onto the drive shaft or beam). After the user has calibrated the A3-M Sensor System on the Test-Object (drive shaft) the measurement results are available in Newton Meter as an analog Voltage (0 to + 5 Volt) or in seral digital format (USB, CAN, MSD card).

The included Permeability Detector allows the user to quantify the achievable measurement signal quality depending on what the alloy is used in the Test-Object (drive shaft, drilling shaft, torsion beam): A green light and a normalised value from 1 to 10 on an digital display indicates the achievable measurement performances at that specific object.

Active-3 Multifunction Dashboard

The provided PC Dashboard software allows the user to change and optimise the settings of the entire sensor system, including the activation of the functions: Hysteresis compensation, signal filtering, data logging for later analysis of the measurements taken, system calibration, and more.

The Dashboard Software for the “Professional” Sensor Kit family includes functions and features that will enhance the experience and usefulness of an Active Sensor Kit:

  • Numerical and graphical display of measurements in real-time
  • Automatical system initialisation after installing the sensor at a new measurement location
  • Tara (zero Torque force) setting Software controlled signal filter activation, a cut-off frequency adjustment
  • Numerical display of Sensing Module-
    Temperature in real-time
    Enabling and optimisation of the real-time temperature compensation
  • Sensor Electronic on-board data logging function (Mini-SD card data logging)
  • PC based data logging function and file creation manager
  • Refreshing / updating of all sensor register / setting functions
  • Creation of a debugging report for maintenance support through TAM
  • Semi-automated Sensor System calibration on a custom specific application
  • Optional: CAN bus activation
  • Optional: CAN bus settings + instruction manager

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