The Active-3-PL (Professional) Sensor System is the newest member of the TAM Non-Contact, mechanical force sensor kits.

Lower signal noise, higher measurement resolution, increased measurement range, and a powerful Windows-PC control interface (Dashboard Software) are some of the new features.

New and Additional Features:

  • Bootloader capability (optional)
    (allows user to install firmware updates)
  • User definable, standard and custom communication interfaces
  • Analog, CAN, 4-20 mA, USB, UART, I2C, SPI
  • Analog and USB are part of the standard Sensor Kit for other communication interface formats a shield  has to be bought separately and installed
  • Rechargeable battery powered RTC (Real Time Clock)to support data logger function
  • RTC time will be set automatically when connecting to PC
  • Built-in USB Isolator

Magnetic Field Generator:

  • Lower power consumption
  • Firmware controlled (stabilised) power output
  • High performance, Class-D power amplifier
  • guarantees low signal distortion

Signal Conditioning Circuit:

  • Stable and accurate signal offset (programmable)
  • Temperature compensation
  • High resolution receiver amplifier extends measurement range
  • Precise hardware signal filtering guarantees signal gain stability and low noise

Signal Processing Circuit:

  • High internal sampling rate to allow added signal averaging
  • Accurate calibration routine included
  • SD Card data storage with extended options
    Automatic on-board data storage after power failure or after power-up

Power Supply management:

  • Extended supply voltage range: +9 Volt to +36 Volt
    without wasting power

Active-3 Professional (A3-PL) Sensor Kit

  • Capable of measuring Torque, Bending, and Axial Load (using the correct Sensing Module)
  • Standard A3-PL Sensing Module, complete with 2 meter connection cable and connector
  • A3-P Sensor Electronic, USB interface, +5 Volt analog signal output, 3-colour status LED, input for +9 Volt to +36 Volt Power Supply
  • Single button to “zero” the output signal (“tara”) and to support Torque Calibration
  • Built-in SD Card Data Logger, including rechargeable battery powered RTC
  • Factory-set Temperature compensation;
    User definable temperature compensation profile
  • International AC Power Supply with +12 Volt output (German Mains Plug)
  • USB connection cable
  • Windows-PC Dashboard Software for advanced control of the A3-P and data analysis (on USB stick provided)
  • User manual (in English)
  • Ferro Detector

Active-3 Professional Dashboard

Using the PC Dashboard Software allows change to the settings and functions of the A3-PL Sensor Kit as well as to visualise the measurements taken and to log the measurements for later use and analysis.

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