Measuring Torque Anywhere and Instantly


  • Non-Contact
  • Works on ANY Ferro-Magnetic Object / Shaft
  • No shaft magnetization required
  • Any shaft size (>5 mm diameter), no upper limit
  • Reliable Performance
  • Not affected by Over-Load
  • Not damaged by magnetic stray field
  • Insensitive to water, oil, dust
  • Insensitive to air-gap changes
  • Insensitive to shaft speed
  • +5 Volt Analogue Signal Output
  • USB Serial Digital Communication with PC
  • Optional: CAN Interface, IP67


  • Out-of-the-box taking measurements immediately
  • Automatic and manual initialization
  • Bi-directional measurement range
  • Built-in data logger and signal filter
  • Sensor is reusable on as many different application as you like
  • Very wide range of material where it can be used