The A3-OTS Sensor Device is an all-in-one Non-Contact, Mechanical Force  Sensor that can be used on any-size drive shaft that has been tooled from
Ferro-magnetic material. Inside the 30 mm diameter Sensor Housing are both: The Sensing Module and the Sensor Electronic. Powered by a single supply DC voltage the A3-OTS provides two output signal formats: an analog (0 to +5Volt) and a serial digital, for bidirectional communication.

Using the serial digital communication interface (USB cable provided) the user can change a number of Sensor settings (initialisation, signal gain, sampling rate) and can also execute a comprehensive system calibration.

Key Features:

  • Small-size Torque & Bending Sensor System
  • True Non-Contact Sensor (Air-gap 0 to 3 mm)
  • Can be used on an already existing drive / torsion shaft
  • Can be applied to a wide range of Ferro-magnetic material
  • Fully temperature compensated (-20 to +80 degrees C)
  • Reduction of Distance sensitivity (range 0.5 to 1.5 mm)
  • Insensitive to shaft speed (static to >100,000 rpm)
  • Easy installation as cable connected afterwards
  • Wide measurement range: <1 Nm to > 1 Million Nm
  • Wide power supply range: +9 V to +24 Volt



Target applications:

  • Over-Torque detection (Torque Switch)
  • Axle Load Sensor (Vehicle chassis weight)
  • Load and Bending on Ferro based structures
  • Process control in industry application
  • Diagnostic and maintenance prevention
  • Gearbox Input / Output shaft

Special Features:

  • No-Shaft processing required: The A3-OTS can be used on an already installed object
  • Easy installation: Placing the A3-OTS from the side onto an already existing drive shaft
  • Robust metallic housing: Mounted inside an industrial standard 30 mm diameter cylinder
  • Maintenance & Repair: It is very easy to replace the A3-OTS Sensor (small size unit)
  • Temperature stability: Only 0.02% offset drift per degrees Celsius (typical)
  • Applicable on non-centric running shafts: Reduction of air-gap sensitivity
  • Stability over time: Measurement principle will not age and can not be damaged

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The achievable sensor performance is entirely dependant on the specification of the torsion shaft (drive or gearbox shaft): alloy used, hardening applied, accidental magnetisation, possible stresses permanently embedded in the shaft (deformation), stiffness versus targeted measurement range.

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