A3-M Sensor Kit
A3-PL Sensor kit
A3-L Sensor Kit
The differential mode “Active-3 Multi-Function” Sensor System is optimised for use in an environment where the operating temperature can change by absolute 100 deg Celsius (-20 deg C to +80 deg C). The high-performance signal conditioning circuits provide highest offset stability and very low signal noise for a wide Torque and Bending measurement range.

The A3-M also includes a very effective Test-Object material related measurement hysteresis compensation. Where other Torque Sensor systems will report a measurement hysteresis of 5% or even 15% of FS (Full Scale), the A3-M can greatly reduce this hysteresis effect. In some cases, it can be reduced well below the 1.5% of FS level.

A new generation of miniaturised Sensing Modules make it possible to use one-and-the-same device to take measurements from any shaft diameter starting at 8 mm and upwards. The built-in MSD card datalogger is managed by a separate and powerful controller that provides a range of flexibilities that will not interfere with the measurement performance (allows a system internal sampling rate of 10,000 samples per second or more).
The A3-M also includes the high-performance features and functions offered by the A3-PL.

The differential mode “Active-3 Professional” Sensor System provides a low noise and high-resolution Torque and Bending measurement signal with an update rate of 1000 samples per second.

Through a powerful PC interface Dashboard software (included in the A3-PL Kit) the user can freely adjust all of the important settings of the Sensor System which allows to optimise the achievable measurement quality for a specific application. Besides making changes to the sensor settings, the user can control additional features and functions that enhances the integration of the Torque Sensor into the entire measurement setup.

Additional and fully integrated Sensor Kit functions: Built-in MSD card data logger with self-powered time stamp, Analog output interface, CAN bus interface (incl power supply through CAN), USB interface (Windows PC), Measurement hysteresis compensation, adjustable signal filtering, adjustable sampling rate, PC-internal data logger function (as an alternative to integrated MSD card data logger), graphic visualisation of the measurements taken, and sophisticated sensor calibration support.

With this practical and small evaluation sensor kit, the user can take bidirectional Bending and Torque force measurements from any Ferro-magnetic material. Primarily this Sensor Kit should be used in static applications (not turning shafts). However, it is also possible to use it in dynamic applications (read user manual for mounting requirements of the Sensing Module).

Measurements can be taken from beams, tubes, and shafts, under laboratory and indoor operating conditions (at +10 deg C to + 50 deg C).

The axial height of the A3-L Sensing Module is only 20 mm which makes it easy to attach it to a wide range of Test Objects. With the built-in 3 button controls the user can reset the “zero”-force output-signal-offset and change the output signal amplitude (increasing and decreasing) in 5 ranges. The sample rate of the output signal are 100 measurements per second.