Plug-and-Play, Distance Compensated, Non-Contact and Easy to Apply

Torque can be measured instantly by placing a thumb-sized probe onto the Test Object (like a gearbox shaft) and then simply pushing the initialisation button.

The Active-3 Torque Sensor is ideal for industrial, motorsport, and power-tool applications. Active-3 boasts a high signal resolution (14 bits), high system internal signal bandwidth (10,000 samples per second), and impressive measurement linearity (0.2% of Full Scale).

Insensitive to air gap changes


Image: Active-3 Torque Sensor Kit: Sensing Module, Sensor Electronics, Power Supply, Software, Cable and manual

  • No shaft processing required
  • No damage due to over-torque
  • Does not age
  • Air gap can be up to 3 mm
  • Any Ferro-magnetic material
  • Insensitive to oil, dirt, paint, etc.
  • Analogue Signal (5 Volt)
  • Wide temperature range
  • Single voltage supply
  • Windows-PC USB Interface






Sensing Module Design

TAM offers standard and custom specific Sensing Module designs to meet a wide range of application specific requirements. The Sensing Module is connected to the Sensor Electronics by a cable that can be up to 2.5 meters long. Inside the Sensing Module is the round shaped Sensing Element with a minimum diameter of 20 mm. The face of the Sensing Module is concave; therefore it sits closer to the surface of the Test-Object (like a gearbox shaft). The Sensing Module does nottouch the Test-Object and can be placed up to 3 mm away from it (maximum air-gap is 3 mm).

The “zero” to +5 Volt analogue signal output of the A3 Sensor System provides highly linear and low hysteresis Torque measurements.