The physical path of magnetic flux lines, which travel through a ferro-magnetic object, are influenced by the mechanical forces acting on the object.

The Sensing Module of an “Active” Sensor should be placed close to the Ferro-magnetic Test-Object where the measurements (e.g Torque) are desired to be taken. The Sensing Element inside the Sensing Module emits a small and alternating magnetic field that will penetrate the surface of the Test-Object. The returning magnetic response (from the Test-Object) is then received by the Sensing Element and passed-on for further processing in the Sensor Electronics.

20160211_A3 25 mm short render 2 V1.2
The alternating magnetic field which passes through (and beneath) the Test-Object surface will be influenced by the mechanical forces that are applied to the Test-Object. The mechanical forces will alter the characteristics of the initial alternating magnetic field. These alterations are detected by the Sensing Element and then converted into a 0 to +5 Volt analogue signal output. When no mechanical force are applied and the system is set to the default settings, the signal output will read +2.50 Volts.