Programmer / Software Engineer / Embedded Systems


Torque and More is a Sensing Technology Development and Sensor manufacturing company with its offices in Starnberg (20 km South of Munich). The Non-Contact sensors, invented, developed and patented by Torque And More (TAM) measure mechanical forces like Torque, Bending and Axial Load on almost any Industrial steel that has magnetic properties.

Programmer / Software Engineer / Embedded Systems

Almost all of the sensor products developed and produced by TAM require the support from embedded controllers and from Windows-PC Dashboard User Interfaces. Both have to be developed by TAM.

The main task of the embedded controllers we are using is to collect the measurements coming from magnetic principle based sensors (in analogue format), analyze and process the signal measurements, and then to pass-on the results in either serial digital format or as an analogue signal using a DAC (Digital Analogue Converter) output interface.

Some of the data processing functions that have to be managed by the embedded controllers and Windows PC-Interface Software are (examples only):

  • Signal offset and gain correction
  • Operating temperature compensation
  • Digital Signal filtering (Kalman Filter)
  • Plausibility analysis of the output signal
  • Automatic sensor system initialization
  • Signal phase deal analysis
  • Data Logger function
  • CAN Interface
  • Displaying results in graphical form
  • Mathematical operations between 2 or more signal inputs (tan, arc-tan, CAN interface)

Besides offering to the end-user an easily fully functional and reliable sensor solution, it is also important that the end-user can easily change the sensor settings using a PC Windows interface. Often this requires to communicate on the PCB board level using a serial digital bus interface, like USB, I2C, SPI or CAN interface.

The software we use is written in C, or C++ format, and then further processed by the appropriate compiler software.

The task of writing software for sensor systems requires that the features and functions of the software is tested in realtime using the evaluation hardware that is provided by the electronics team. This work requires the use and handling of electrical power supplies, oscilloscopes, volt meter, data logger and other tools and measurement devices. Therefore the software development person has to be able to read and (at least partially) to understand electronic circuit diagrams that are provided. Occasionally it will be necessary that wired cables need to be soldered onto the evaluation electronics board.

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