The Active Sensor Kits A2-P, A3-P and A3-A can be connected to a Windows operated PC using a provided TAM Dashboard Software.

The TAM Dashboard Software for the Professional Sensor Kits A2-P and A3-P can be used to report in real-time Torque and Bending measurement in numerical and graphical form, and to apply comprehensive sensor system optimisation.

The TAM Dashboard Software for the A3-A is used for Sensor System optimisation and register settings only.

The Dashboard Software for the “Professional” Sensor Kit family includes many functions and features that will enhance the experience and usefulness of an Active Sensor Kit:

  • Numerical and graphical display of measurements in real-time
  • Auto magical system initialisation after installing it at a new measurement location
  • Tara (zero Torque force) setting
  • Software controlled signal filter activation, cut-off frequency, and efficiency
  • Numerical display of Sensing Module temperature in real-time
  • Enabling and optimisation of the real-time temperature compensation
  • Sensor Electronic on-board data logging function (SD card data logging)
  • PC based data logging function and file creation manager
  • Refreshing / updating of all sensor register / setting functions
  • Creation of a debugging report for maintenance support through TAM
  • Semi-automated Sensor System calibration on a custom specific application
  • Optional: CAN bus activation
  • Optional: CAN bus settings and instruction manager

The TAM Dashboard Software is included in the shipment of the professional Sensor Kits: A3-P and A2-P, and a reduced Dashboard Software is also included in the A3-A Sensor Kit.

The A3-L is an easy-to-use Evaluation Sensor System and does not require a dashboard function.